about company

SOLARCTIC, which means Solutions for Arctic, was founded in 2013 aiming to joint O&G marine projects between Norwegian and Russian customers, working in Russian Arctic areas. This fundamental fact created idea for our name.

Gaining experience, trusted and reliable partners and professional team, we have slowly expanded our services, having extended logistic with marine agency in Murmansk. Shortly, thanks to successfully built link of partnerships, we provided expansion of same quality services in other ports and remote Arctic areas, such as Kandalaksha and Arkhangelsk (Russia), Kirkenes and Svalbard (Norway). Exploration of Arctic areas promises exiting forecasts to O&G industry, leading to increased volume of maritime and cargo traffic, including Northern Sea Route. This attracts increasing number of Scandinavian, European and Asian partners, linking their routes to above ports as a key to different types of transshipments, shore base operations and customs formalities.

Throughout work we constantly improving ourselves by learning our customer’s needs and expectations by providing high-quality service with “24x7” schedule. We encouraged by commitment to build-up and keep the mutually successful partnership with our customers.

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